WhatsApp for PC Download Windows – WhatsApp Web Online


WhatsApp for PC Download Windows – WhatsApp Web Online

Step 1 – Download and install the BlueStacks software first. You can get it running easily. Just follow this section where I have already covered BlueStacks installation process and choose the appropriate one as per the OS platform.

Step 2 – Once installation is over, then go and run it. From the moment it starts running you’ll see a search tool on top left corner. That’s the tool you have to use, click on it.

Step 3 – Now, type in ‘WhatsApp’ as search term and instantly you’ll see the results. Click on app result in there. In most of the cases, this app comes pre-installed within BlueStacks or else you have to install it from Google play store (simply follow screen instructions for that).

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Step 4 – If app is there then launch it, if not then app will open up in Google play store, click on it there and finally click on ‘install’ option ahead of its listing.

Step 5 – Everything is done now. To be honest, this isn’t the last step as it can occur anywhere around, even on first one. BlueStacks will ask you to login with a Google account, in order to setup its synchronisation feature and also to allow you access Google’s ecosystem.

Done! Within next one or two minute (max), WhatsApp will be ready at your end there. Login with your phone number and start using it.

Run WhatsApp on Laptop/Computer via YouWave

out BlueStacks’ as that software isn’t involved here. Just like above, follow the steps I’m writing below.

Step 1 – You need to get the YouWave software install first. Get it for free from here and you’ll get first 10 days of free trial. Yes, it’s a premium software. For you, I had already covered a detailed guide covering YouWave installation. Or simply download and install it, its just like any other software.

Step 2 – Once you’re done with that separate guide of installation and the software is ready to use then start it and choose Free Trial option from the first interaction.

Step 3 – Launch Web Browser app you see in there. You need to then open homepage of Google play store. This is required to do because there is no Google play store app in YouWave.

Step 4 – Once the website is open completely, then you need to begin using its search tool. Make a search for WhatsApp application and click on the appropriate official app in search results.

Step 5 – There is the listing of our beloved messenger application. Now, simply click on install option ahead there and login with a Google account as you’re trying to use Google’s ecosystem.

It’s done from your end now. Wait for a few seconds and within a minute, WhatsApp will be ready to use.

Future method

I did tried using this method but never find any app that worked without any issues. Yes, I also tested WhatsApp application but it was crashing most of the times.

Until, Google updates this ARC and get it better, I won’t recommend you to try it. Also, now you don’t need to wait for it because you got three best methods to download and run WhatsApp on computer above.

We both will try to discuss the matter further and find out solution if you’re in some kind of problem using WhatsApp on computer.

If you truly find this guide on Download WhatsApp for PC helpful, then you can show appreciation by sharing it over all your social network. Peace.

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