Log Out of Multiple Websites At Once


For security reasons, it is recommended that you log out of websites when you are done using them on your computer. That way the next person who uses your computer will not be able to access any of your accounts.

If you happen to log in to multiple websites daily on your computer and find it frustrating to log out of each website individually, there is a simple way to log out of all those websites at once.

To do the task you are going to use a free website.

  1. With the browser open, head to the Super Logout website.

  2. As soon as Super Logout loads in the browser, it will start to log you out from the list of websites it currently supports. One thing to note is that the site will not ask you for a confirmation before logging you out. It just starts doing its task as soon as you open the site in your browser.


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  1. You should be able to see an “OK” message when the site has logged you out of a website.