11 Ways To Save Water At Home

11 Ways To Save Water At Home

11 Ways To Save Water At Home

11 Ways To Save Water At Home

  1. Save Water Indoor Wash full loads of clothes .
  2. Check all pipes, faucets and toilets for leaks.
  3. Install water saving showerheads and ultra-low-flush toilets.
  4. Never use your toilet as a wastebasket to save water indoor.
  5. Take shorter showers.
  6. Fully load your dishwasher to save water indoor.
  7. Save water indoor, Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving.
  8. Defrost frozen food in the refrigerator.
  9. Rinse vegetables in a full sink or pan of water.
  10. Rinse dishes in a full sink or pan of water.

Save Water Indoor (Next 06 Points)

  1. Speed cleanup food by employing a vegetable brush. Spray water in brief bursts. regulator aerators cut consumption.
  2. Save water indoor plan ahead to de-ice foods long within the white goods. do not use running water. Use the microwave or place wrapped food in an exceedingly bowl of cold water.
  3. Use rubber spatula to scrape dishes clean to limit pre-rinse. Let extremely dirty pans or dishes soak to hurry laundry. Most newer dishwashers do not need pre-rinsing. Limit dishwasher use to full masses.
  4. Collect all the water that’s wasted whereas awaiting the recent water to achieve your regulator or nose. Use this to water your houseplants or out of doors planters. Do identical with water that’s wont to boil eggs or steam vegetables.
  5. Avoid mistreatment your electric pig. Compost leftovers fruits and vegetables.
  6. Never place water down the drain once there could also be another use for it like watering a plant or garden, or cleansing.

Save Water Indoor (Next 04 Points)

  1. Verify that your house is leak-free, as a result of several homes have hidden water leaks. scan your meter before and once a two-hour amount once no water is being employed. If the meter doesn’t scan precisely the same, there’s a leak.
  2. Repair dripping taps by exchange washers. If your regulator is dripping at the speed of 1 drop per second, you’ll expect to waste a pair of,700 gallons p.a. which can raise the value of water and sewer utilities, or strain your septic system.
  3. Check for lavatory tank leaks by adding food colouring to the tank. If the rest room is leaky, color can seem at intervals half-hour. Check the rest room for drained, unsound or bent components. Most replacement components square measure cheap, without delay out there and simply put in.
  4. Avoid flushing the rest room unnecessarily. lose tissues, insects and different such waste within the trash instead of the rest room.

Save Water Indoor (Next 08 Points)

  1. Take shorter showers. Replace you nose with associate degree ultra-low-flow version. Some units square measure out there that permit you to chop off the flow while not adjusting the water temperature knobs to save water indoor.
  2. Use the minimum quantity of water required for a shower by closing the drain 1st and filling the bathtub solely 1/3 full. Stopper tub before turning water. The initial burst of cold water are often warm by adding plight later.
  3. Don’t let water run whereas shaving or laundry your face. Brush your teeth 1st whereas watching for water to induce hot, then wash or shave once filling the basin.
  4. Retrofit all wasteful house taps by putting in aerators with flow restrictors.
  5. automatic dishwashers and garments washers only if they’re totally loaded or properly set the water level for the dimensions of load you’re exploitation.
  6. When laundry dishes by hand, fill one sink or basin with saponaceous water. Quickly rinse beneath a slow stream from the tap.
  7. Store beverage within the icebox instead of rental the faucet run when you wish a cool glass of water.
  8. Do not use running water to thaw meat or different frozen foods. dethaw food nightlong within the icebox or by exploitation the dethaw setting on your microwave.

Save Water Indoor (Last 08 Points)

  1. Kitchen sink disposals need several water to work properly. begin a cumulus as associate degree alternate methodology of disposing waste matter rather than employing a disposal. Garbage disposals can also add five hundredth to the amount of solids in a very tank which might cause malfunctions and maintenance issues.
  2. Consider putting in a moment tank on your sink therefore you do not got to let the water run whereas it heats up. this can cut back heating prices for your house.
  3. Insulate your water pipes. you will get plight quicker and avoid wasting water whereas it heats up.
  4. Never install a water-to-air apparatus or air-conditioning system. air-to-air models square measure even as economical and don’t waste water.
  5. Install water softening systems only if necessary. Save water and salt by running the minimum quantity of regenerations necessary to keep up water softness. flip softeners off whereas on vacation.
  6. Check your pump. If you have got a well at your home, hear see if the pump kicks on and off whereas the water isn’t in use. If it does, you have got a leak.
  7. When adjusting water temperatures, rather than turning water flow up, attempt turning it down. If the water is just too hot or cold, flip the bad person down instead of increasing water flow to balance the temperatures.
  8. If the rest room flush handle often sticks within the flush position, rental water run perpetually, replace or modify it.

Turn Any Non-touch PC into Touch Screen PC

Want to buy a touch-screen laptop but couldn’t afford it?
But what if I told you that you can turn your existing non-touch-screen laptop into a Touch Screen laptop?
Yes, it’s possible. You can now convert your laptop or PC into a touch screen with the help of a new device called AirBar.
Touch screen has become a popular feature on laptops these days, and many laptops are moving toward having touch screens, but not every laptop or desktop model comes with the feature.

What is AirBar and How does it Work?

 AirBar is a small plug-and-touch bar that attaches magnetically to the bottom of your machine’s display.
When connected to your laptop via an available USB port, AirBar starts emitting a beam of invisible light across your screen that is used to track touchscreen movements and gestures.
The movements and gestures are then translated into corresponding inputs, making you able to use all the gestures including poking, pinching, swiping, zooming and scrolling around with your hand, in the same way, like on a touchscreen PC.

Freedom 251

World’s Chipest Phone : Freedom 251

The telecom ministry is monitoring sales of the world’s cheapest smartphone for Rs 251 each by a company called Ringing Bells, which claimed to have received 30,000 confirmed orders and over 6 lakh hits per second on its website on the first day.

Freedom 251

The Freedom 251 smartphone will official be unveiled by manufacturer Ringing Bells in India shortly, and it seems to be the cheapest smartphone in the whole world. Running Android 5.1, it sounds on paper like a usable phone – it might not impress anyone, but at a price of just Rs. 251, it doesn’t exactly need to blow you away in terms of performance. However, there are some points for concern about the phone, as was noticed when we first got our Freedom 21 unit.


Display : 4.00-inch
Processor : 1.3GHz
Front Camera : 0.3-megapixel
Resolution: 540×960 pixels
OS : Android 5.1
Storage : 8GB
Rear Camera : 3.2-megapixel
Battery capacity : 1450mAh

Chrome IG Story 1

How to Download and View Instagram Stories on Desktop

Instagram recently unveiled Stories on its ever-growing social platform, that allows users to stitch together multiple photos or videos which automatically disappear after 24 hours. Despite the controversial launch, people are actually posting and viewing stories regularly instead of the standard uploads. Unfortunately, the feature hasn’t been made available to Instagram’s website and due to the defined expiry period, we tend to miss a lot of posts. Thankfully, there’s a Chrome extension now that allows you to view and even download Instagram Stories on desktop.

Chrome IG Story 1


Chrome IG Story, a free extension for Google Chrome is a straightforward approach for embedding stories on Instagram’s official web interface. It, essentially, adds recent Stories on top of your feed just like what you get on the mobile application. Posts which aren’t checked by you are surrounded by a vibrant circle and the rest with a gray one. For viewing a story, tap on the person’s profile picture and for moving between the previous or next photo/video, click the arrows present on both sides of the screen or perform a swipe action through the trackpad. You can even go full-screen by tapping the icon present on top left corner. The tool even provides a native zooming option if you click the playing moment itself. If you need to exit the story, either press Esc or the “down arrow” located on the top left corner below fullscreen. Sadly, you can’t switch to the next Instagram story directly, you’ll need to go back and open another one to view.

Chrome IG Story 2

Another advantage of installing the extension is the ability to download any Instagram Story on your timeline. You just need to right-click a particular post and voila! There’s a “download story” option. It will fetch the entire story in a zip file for saving. biglotssurvey Lengthy uploads do take a couple of seconds, though. That’s about it, Chrome IG Story is definitely a must-have Chrome extension if you’re regular Instagram user and the best part is that it is entirely free of cost, so go ahead and give it a whirl.