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5 Best Backup and Restore Apps for Android Phone Tablet

Keeping everything at place can’t be possible, but keeping a backup of that everything, is surely possible. All it takes is a will, and an application which is good enough to manage all technical aspects. So, here I’m sharing the best backup and restore apps for your Android phone or tablet.

There is an in-built backup facility offered by newer Android versions, which can do wonders in this field, with lesser interaction and knowledge, but the backup Android apps I’m about to disclose will do almost everything, which is possible.

app backup and restore

There is a little caution you need to be aware of, especially if you’re using an Android tablet. Not every app might be available for tablet devices, so you’ve to try another one from this list, clear?

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While setting up a Google account for the first time, it offers an option to backup and restore the data automatically. If you opt that, then your contacts, call logs, applications, and many other data are kept updated in the backup Google has.

Not to forget, you also have lots of Cloud Storage application options these days. Just install any of them, create your account and you can keep any kind of backup online. Google Drive comes pre-installed if you’re interested in this method.

Still, that’s not my call to make. And, you’re interested in knowing the best Android backup applications, which I’ll start compiling right away. These apps will also help you restore data on Android device, automatically.

#1 CM Backup

If you haven’t heard of this app developer company, then you should. It has developed a bunch of quality apps which are definitely dominating the Play store. CM Backup is from the same Cheetah Mobile developer, and this app is fully qualified to become your day to day backup and restore manager.

It doesn’t leave a single data type when it comes to Android devices, as it covers contacts, call logs, alarm details, calendar data, web browser bookmarks and history, pictures, messages and even keyboard dictionary and related personal data.

It makes use of Amazon S3 servers and thus, each and every byte of your data is safe and secure. Technically, SSL is being used for every operation. The app supports multiple languages and keeps everything safe on a cloud storage. Anyone can give it a try as it doesn’t require the device to be rooted, surprised, right?

Get CM Backup from Play store

#2 G Cloud Backup

This one over here is also covering each and every aspect of a backup file. It can work on multiple devices, and all your data will be kept under a single profile. 1GB of backup data is offered for free, and you can buy up to 10GB of storage. Apart from common features covered as of our first one, it offers extra features like app security using passcode, multiple device protection, data backup of WhatsApp, Viber and such messaging apps, and an option to automatically start the process on a Wi-Fi network.

The sign up process is pretty fast, thanks to the one tap facility offered using Google+ and Facebook integration. Of course, you can opt for other email sign up the process as well. A scheduler option is also offered inside if you like setting things on automation.

Get G Cloud Backup from Play store

#3 Titanium Backup ★ root

This one is my personal favourite because of two obvious reasons. First, it covers almost every kind of data an Android device can possess, and the second one is that it has been available since very first years of this smartphone evolution. The only thing that might stop you from using is that it requires a rooted device.

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But, once you root a device, which isn’t a tedious process anymore, then you can simply keep a backup of almost anything. When I said anything, then I mean anything. There is no other app offering this much of features. You can opt for the free or premium version, directly from the Play store.

Get Titanium Backup from Play store

Now, these three were my best ones, which can literally cover everything you need. But, if you’re still looking for alternatives, then following few more might facilitate you.

#4 Mobile Backup & Restore

#5 Super Backup

#6 Helium

#7 Easy Backup & Restore

Wrap up

There are many new apps coming every week or at least once in a month. If they deserve to be listed in this compilation, then I’ll keep you posted. You can also do that using the discussion section below. Don’t forget to share this compilation of best backup and restore apps for your Android phone or tablet, I’ve posted right here. Kudos!

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